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Estate Planning Methods That Work

Tax planning is something that many people need to look into closely. Planning for your taxes requires more than just considering deductions from your annual tax returns. Tax planning also covers minimizing the taxes you need to pay for all of your assets. Estate tax is what you call these taxes for your assets. To minimize estate taxes, you must make sure to use effective estate planning strategies.

Estate planning is a process that involves careful planning all for the good of your future and what may happen to you and those you leave behind. Many people choose to make plans at a later time because they don’t like thinking about dying and its implications. Moreover, some people fail to make plans on these matters because they have no idea how much estate taxes will eat up a chunk of their estate.

If you talk about estate, brampton accounting includes your personal investments, life insurance, pension plans, and annuities and not just your home. If the value of your estate is beyond $2 million, you will be paying estate taxes. No wonder why you should spend a great deal of your time doing proper estate planning.

Estate planning lawyers and accountants use a range of estate planning methods for your assets What follows is a quick look at some of the most popular estate planning methods that work.

If you want to save on your estate taxes, start with a credit shelter trust. For this option, your spouse will not pay any of your taxes anymore when you die. This tax benefit applies the same for the second spouse once they die and leave all assets to their heirs. With credit shelter trust, you can put all $2 million worth of your assets to it to ensure that your heirs and spouse can benefit from it.

Gifting is another estate planning strategy. You need to meet specified annual limits to lower your estate taxes using gifting. One such example is gifting $12,000 to each person each year without paying for any incurring gift taxes. You can do this during the entire span of your life. Do this annually for your estate value to decrease by the time that you eventually leave this world. Learn more about estate planning at

Insurance for liquidity is another estate planning strategy you can use. While this tax planning approach reduces your estate tax, it does not eliminate it entirely. In essence, you make way for your heirs to pay your estate taxes, often within nine months after your death. Your heirs can pay for your taxes with the help of life insurance where death benefit is big enough to pay for your taxes.

Whichever brampton estate planning strategy you go for, you need to speak with an estate planning expert that can help you navigate your way through the legal complexities of estate plans. You also need to start making estate plans now if you want what is best for you, your assets, and the people you leave behind.

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